Is it too late to save the planet? with Jamiel Deeb

We have a world to win, but are we too late to avoid the 'tipping points' that trigger irreversible environmental catastrophe? There are still reasons to hope that we can save the planet, but what are the politics that can win the world? In this discussion with socialist teacher and environmental activist Jamiel Deeb, we examine the failures of reformist environmentalism and the crimes of capitalism as well as the possibilities for socialism in a hothouse earth. 


Further reading:

'Net zero by 2050' means disaster' by Jack Crawford in Red Flag

'Without a revolution, we'll have climate catastrophe' by James Plested in Red Flag

Marxism and the natural world by Michael Kandelaars in Marxist Left Review

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Hosted by Roz Ward. Produced by Liam Ward. 

Music by Dan Kenny. 

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