Fighting the billionaires - the Victorian Socialists federal election campaign

The Victorian Socialists are taking on the billionaires and parties that represent them in the upcoming Australian federal election. Running on a platform that calls for a radical reorganisation of society and a redistribution of wealth and power, we talk to three Victorian Socialists candidates - Kath Larkin, Jerome Small, and Belle Gibson. How does their campaign compare to their rivals? What have their experiences of running in a federal election have taught them about politics? What inspires them as socialists to run in a parliamentary election?


Introducing Aran Mylvaganam for the Senate 

Back the Victorian Socialists by Corey Oakley 

Morrison is appalling and so is Labor by Mick Armstrong 

How should revolutionaries view parliamentary elections? by Jerome Small 

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Hosted by Roz Ward. Produced by Liam Ward. 

Music by Dan Kenny. 

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