Resisting Australia’s Refugee Torture Regime with Aran Mylvaganam and Liz Walsh

The recent hospitalisation of 4 year old Tharunicaa and the story of her family Priya, Nades, and Kopika is a perfect illustration of the brutality of the Australian government's treatment of refugees. On this episode we discuss the campaign to bring this family back to Biloela with full residency rights and what their experience has revealed about the politics of the Australian refugee torture regime. Aran Mylvaganam, a refugee who was detained as a child when he arrived in Australia in 1997 and who later founded the Tamil Refugee Council, discusses the history of Tamil persecution in Sri Lanka. Liz Walsh, socialist and veteran refugee activist, argues that the campaign for this family should be the basis for building a new movement to fight for all refugees.

Actions Saturday 19th June:

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Red Flag coverage of the story of the 'Biloela family' - 

Profile of Kokilapathmapriya (Priya) Nadesalingam by Ben Hillier - 

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Hosted by Roz Ward. Produced by Liam Ward. 

Music by Dan Kenny. 


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