A brief history of Palestinian resistance with Vashti Fox

For more than 100 years, Palestinians have never given up the fight for their homeland and national independence. Their struggles have inspired international solidarity as a result of their courage and determination in the face of violent occupation and oppression. On this episode we are joined again by Vashti Fox, author of The Story of Palestine: Empire, Repression and Resistance, for a discussion of the history and important political lessons socialists can learn from the Palestinian struggle.


The Story of Palestine: Empire, Repression and Resistance by Vashti Fox (2020) available at  https://shop.redflag.org.au/collections/palestine/products/the-story-of-palestine-empire-repression-and-resistance

For protests in Melbourne go to: https://www.facebook.com/FreePalestineMelbourne

Palestine Action Group Sydney: https://www.facebook.com/syd.bmbc 

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Hosted by Roz Ward. Produced by Liam Ward. 

Music by Dan Kenny. 

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