Workers’ resistance to the ALP-ACTU Accord with Liz Ross

Under the ALP-ACTU Prices and Incomes Accord (1983-1996) union leaders in Australia agreed to abandon striking and struggle in return for having their wages indexed by the Arbitration Commission and the promises of the Labor government for a few social reforms. While the Accord is generally portrayed as being welcomed by workers, many workers angrily resisted the attacks on their wages, conditions, jobs, and unions. Veteran socialist activist and historian Liz Ross' latest book Stuff the Accord! Pay up! Workers Resistance to the ALP-ACTU Accord tells the hidden stories of how these workers fought back. Liz shares stories from this period with Roz and Liam in a discussion that has many ramifications on the struggles we face today.

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Hosted by Roz Ward. Produced by Liam Ward. 

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